Pet Insurance

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Pet insurance is not glamorous but neither is a vet bill. In many ways it is a critical way to protect your pet…and your WALLET! There are enough pet insurance options out there for someone to easily get confused or make the wrong choice that they will regret later on. We suggest that you consider getting two or three quotes prior to making a decision.

Pets Best Insurance

Looking for a plan that is more CUSTOMIZABLE, starts for as little as $9 month, includes routine wellness visits to the Vet, or to SAVE 5% on the first year, click here.


Healthy Paws Insurance

Looking for a plan that is more COMPREHENSIVE and affordable, click here.

Healthy Paws Pet Insurance covers everything that matters including injuries, illnesses, genetic conditions, and emergency care. With unlimited lifetime benefits, protect your pet with the #1 customer-rated pet insurance plan! Get a free quote and let Healthy Paws pay your vet bills while you care for your pet.