Dogs Poop We Scoop

In-Home Cleaning

A Clean Hive is a Happy Hive.

(This service is currently only available in Oklahoma City.)

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No matter what ‘home’ means to you, there is surely something nostalgic about the place we call home. And sometimes in life one could use a little reminder of how refreshing it feels to come home to a clean home that you didn’t have to invest your time and energy cleaning. To facilitate the in-home part of your experience, DogsPoopWeScoop and Hive Helper have agreed to a soft merger. The founders and owners of both companies communicate regularly, share resources (knowledge / manpower / financial) and are constantly looking for ways to better SERVE you and your family.

Your helper(s) will arrive with your priority checklist and leave your hive sparkling clean. We do not use bleach products and try to limit the use of chemicals. Organic supplies available upon request. Please let us know if your helper needs to bring a vacuum for your service.

The Hive Helper Promise 

We are passionate about offering our clients a safe and happy experience. All helpers are thoroughly screened and undergo an extensive background check. We are bonded & insured.

General Cleaning

Bedrooms & Common Areas

– Surfaces dusted and wiped      – Floors cleaned (vacuumed if provided)      – All trash removed and bags replaced



– Showers and tubs scrubbed     – Toilets scrubbed and wiped    – Sinks, counters, and mirrors wiped    – Floors cleaned



– Counters, stove top, and fridge exterior wiped     – Microwave wiped (in/out)     – Floors cleaned


For How Long?

These are general guidelines and actual times will vary depending on your priorities and the condition of your hive. We cover the most we can in the amount of time purchased. Please call us for time estimates for recurring (weekly or biweekly) maintenance cleans or move in/out cleans.

3 hours
1 bedroom, 1 bathroom, kitchen, one living area. Approximately 800 sq ft.

4 hours
2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, kitchen, one living area. Approximately 1,500 sq ft.

5 hours
3 bedrooms, 2.5 bathrooms, kitchen, multiple living areas. Approximately 2,000 sq ft.

Do you have specifics to add to our list? Keep in mind to adjust service hours accordingly.

– dishes washed     – laundry folded    -baseboards wiped     – windows washed     -fridge or oven interior wiped    -bed sheets changed    -blinds dusted     -furniture vacuumed    – cabinets wiped


Cleaning, Organization or Task Assistant Services, $36 Per Hour Per Helper. Please Call the office to schedule. 

  • 3 Hours – $108
  • 3.5 Hours – $126
  • 4 Hours – $144
  • 4.5 Hours – $162
  • 5 Hours – $180
  • 5.5 Hours – $198
  • 6 Hours – $216
  • 7 Hours – $252
  • 8 Hours – $288  (DPWS Clients will be $200)

Holiday Special

  • 4 Hours – $120
  • 6 Hours – $180
  • 8 Hours – $200