Pet Portraits


DPWS Family! I’m Tiffany, and I am ecstatic to bring a Painted treasure of your fur babies to your families!

My pet portrait hobby was born out of the genuine love shared with my dogs… RedheadedDog  Art Studio was named after our red dachshund, Zeena – my dad used to call her “The Little Redhead”.  My husband and I shared 14 and a half years of our life with her. We were blessed to raise her with her rescued adopted brothers – a spunky german shepherd and a sweet great dane – from the time they were all puppies into their golden years. I felt honored to be with each of them when the time came to let them return home to God. This bond we have with our pets is a gift from Heaven – there is nothing else on earth like it.  To get started CLICK HERE, or call 405-640-5865.

I’ve been painting pets since 2007 and I’m still filled with awe & gratitude every time I complete a painting. To thank God for this awesome gift, I support nonprofit animal rescues (and sometimes nonprofit people rescues)  with my art whenever I can. Some of these nonprofits are the Central Oklahoma Humane Society, The Bella Foundation, Lowrider Dachshund Rescue, the YWCA, and the C.A.R.E. Center for abused children.